Sara and Esther Sternbuch are late. It’s almost Shabbos and the table isn’t set. The house looks beautiful, the flowers are stunning, but there’s something missing… and with the long list of things every Shabbos table needs, they don’t want to forget anything that’ll take away from the warmth and pleasure of their meal.

It’s their father, Moishe Sternbuch, who spots the missing item: “Where’s the Mike’s Chicken Crunchers? It’s just not a Shabbos meal without them.” The Sternbuch girls glance to the kitchen counter, where the platter of golden, crunchy-sweet Mike’s Chicken Crunchers sits. Sara runs to fetch it. “Tatty, would we forget the Mike’s?” She says, placing the tray with a flourish.

Last week at the Sternbuch’s, it was the Original Mike’s with its legendary sauce. This week, the kids are begging for the beer-battered, pretzel-coated Pilsner & Pretzel chicken, with Mike’s famous Beer Sauce to go along with it. Yaakov won’t be satisfied till he dips his delicious, crispy Mike’s Hot Poppers into Mike’s “Golden Goodness” and Sweet Chili Sauces.

Though new on the Lakewood Scene, Mike’s has already garnered thousands of fans in Brooklyn and Deal, where it’s been a “Shabbat table staple” for over half a decade. Now it’s your turn to taste the newest dish that’s sweeping the community.

Devoted fan Esther Sternbuch is thrilled that Mike’s has finally made its way to Lakewood. “We’d heard about Mike’s for years in Deal and Brooklyn, and pleaded with the retailers there to make it available in Lakewood. The day we heard we could buy it here, we ordered a pound of each flavor, and every sauce they had, to try them out.”

And although Mike’s is perfect lichvod Shabbos, it’s also delicious for Yom Tov, Simchas, lunch, dinner or even as a snack. A specialty platter of Mikes’s comes with the famous crunchy nuggets, plus a sampler of their famous dipping sauces – a very thoughtful, very perfect hostess gift.

Estie Hurwitz, another Mike’s devotee, tasted Mike’s at a recent Sheva Brochos and fell in love with its unique flavor and sauce combinations. “It’s the crunchiest, sweetest, juiciest chicken nugget I’ve ever had. And now that I buy it for my family, they can’t get enough. My husband asked me to buy extra Creamy Ranch & Chive Sauce this time. I should be angry that my own chicken nuggets aren’t good enough anymore,” Mrs. Hurwitz added, laughing. “But it saves me time in the kitchen, so I’m not going to argue!”

To celebrate their long-awaited arrival in Lakewood, Mike’s is offering a Yom Tov special to make sure you fall in love with Mike’s, too! Buy a pound today and come back for one free pound between now and Rosh Hashanah.

Aside from their extraordinary flavor and the dizzying array of unique dipping sauces, what really makes Mike’s so special is their satisfying crunch; a nugget that never gets soggy, even hours after cooling down from the fryer.

Ask anyone who’s ever experienced the taste of Mike’s Chicken Crunchers and you’ll see: Once you try Mike’s and its perfect, satisfying crunch, you’ll be hooked. Lakewood’s waited long enough!